This is the first photo documentary project that I am currently developing. This project aims to tell the stories of 25 Latino immigrants living in the United States for over a decade who due to the abandonment of everything they once knew, brought an item of sentimental value that they still have today, that represents their motherland, and the attachment they still have to it. 
Given our current social issues, relatability, understanding, and empathy is what I aim to evoke with this project. 
If you, a family member, or friend would like to participate, please head on over to Contact and send me an email :) Thank you!
Left to right: my mother at 2 years old, her grandmother, and her mother in Huanuco, Peru
Left to right: My mothers sister, their family dog, and my older brother in Lima, Peru
A rock from a river she frequented as a child, stored in a pouch key chain. Bolivia.
Keys from her home in La Paz, Bolivia.
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